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Kinship Ties of Creativity: Past Present and Future

The conference was a great success and we would like to thank Shaun McNiff, the conference organising team, the ANZATA committee, all the volunteers and of course all the participants.

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What's New

ANZATA has a new committee

The ANZATA Annual General Meeting was held at the recent Sydney conference. The new ANZATA committee was elected. We would like to thanks the out-going committee members – Fiona Gardner (WA) and Toril Pursell (Vic), and welcome the new members – Kirsten Meyer (Vic) and Romny Vandoros (NSW)

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Find a Therapist

Find a Therapist near you for art making, drama, and movement to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being. Therapy is suitable for all ages and many life situations, for individuals or groups..

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What is Arts Therapy

Arts therapy uses creative processes, including art making, drama, and movement to improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is suitable for all ages and many life situations, and can be done with individuals or groups. Arts therapy works by accessing imagination and creativity, which can generate new models of living, and contribute towards the development of a more integrated sense of self, with increased self awareness and acceptance.

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The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Arts Therapy, ANZJAT, is a peer-reviewed journal which is published annually.

The eighth edition has just been published and is in the post to all members.

Submissions for the next edition of ANZJAT are due by 1 May 2014.

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ANZATA Membership

ANZATA is the professional association for registered arts therapists in Australia,
New Zealand and Singapore.ANZATA accepts applications for professional membership from Masters level qualified art therapists, dramatherapists and dance/ movement therapists. Other categories of membership include student and associate.

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Arts Therapy PR

The ANZATA committee have put together a helpful PR brochure and powerpoint presentations which can be used and read by everyone interested in our work and our training and qualifications. Login as a member and go to the 'members' resources' page.


Are you Interested in becoming an Arts Therapist?

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Registration of Arts Therapists

ANZATA registers Arts Therapists/Arts Psychotherapists. Professional registration of Arts Therapists is to an internationally agreed standard and Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapists have reciprocal rights with overseas Art Therapy Associations.

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