Volume 11, Number 1 (Abstracts only)


President’s welcome – Dr Jo Kelly
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Editorial: ‘So much there is’ – Associate Professor Sheridan Linnell and Dr Catherine Camden-Pratt
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Contributors to this edition of ANZJAT
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Children’s use of symbols in art for expression of the conscious and unconscious mind
Dr Vivian Ting Chuk Lai
Keywords: Symbolism, bereavement, grief, children, Hong Kong
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Beneath the surface: The lived experience of the art therapist – Jody Thomson
Keywords: Cancer and palliative care, visual methodologies, art therapy research, immersive visual analysis, therapist’s experience
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Painting a picture of the lived workplace experiences of nine Victorian art therapists
Annie Rose Armour, Dr Patricia Fenner and Katie Buckley
Keywords: Art therapy, workplace, therapist, working conditions, health service management
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What’s blood got to do with it? A queer exploration of the genogram and its application in art therapy – Asha Zappa
Keywords: Art therapy, queer theory, genogram, gender, family, assessment
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Evaluation of an art therapy pilot programme for patients in a day oncology unit
Sandra Drabant and Chris McKeon
Keywords: Art therapy, cancer, complementary therapy, evaluation
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Plumb bob lines – Anita Lever, Associate Professor Sheridan Linnell and Sue Curtis
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The golden thread: Weaving together and sharing stories from our work
Toril Pursell and Nyrelle Bade
Keywords: Arts therapy, arts-based presentation, Australia, culture, performance, migrants, narrative, refugees, weaving
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The dancing force behind the new Expressive Therapies programme in Hong Kong
Amanda Levey interviews Professor Rainbow Ho
Keywords: Expressive therapies, dance/movement therapy, Hong Kong, trauma, cancer
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Interview with Sue Jennings – Dr Joanna Jaaniste
Keywords: Dramatherapy, play therapy, anthropology, mask work, Embodiment-Projection-Role,
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Exhibition review: So much there is – Mapura Studios – Reviewed by Asha Munn and
Wendy Lawson
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Exhibition review: Katthy Cavaliere: Loved – Reviewed by Jill Segedin
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Exhibition review: How do we audience the artwork we see? A response to the exhibition Grayson Perry: My pretty little art career – Reviewed by Rachael Ireland
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Book review: Arts therapists in multidisciplinary settings: Working together for better outcomes, edited by Caroline Miller – Reviewed by Ronald Lay
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Book review: Creative arts in counseling and mental health, by Philip Neilsen, Robert King, and Felicity Baker – Reviewed by Dr Jo Kelly
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Book review: Imagination in action: Secrets for unleashing creative expression, by Shaun McNiff – Reviewed by Dr Deborah Green
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  • Julia Pasifull, Red moon

  • Nona Cameron, Matchbox moments

  • Marilyn Mooree, The emerging donkey and the reality principle

  • Simone Clare, Movement

  • Jan Newell, Resurrection quilt

  • Chen Ying Ying, Earthquake of soul

  • Mariana Torkington, Rebirth

  • Nanette Lela'ulu, Condemned

  • Michael Leunig, A Picture of Innocence

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