The inaugural ANZJAT Special Conference Edition

An invitation to contribute to this edition

The ANZJAT Editorial Team is pleased to invite you, as a presenter and/or participant at the ANZATA/ACATA Conference to be held next month in Melbourne, to contribute to the inaugural ANZJAT Special Conference Edition.

We are asking presenters and workshop facilitators to consider making a submission and to think about what form it might take: 

  • A scholarly journal article as per ANZJAT guidelines for full papers, based on your conference paper or workshop, as a presentation of original research (3,000–5,000 words + images) – to be double peer reviewed. (This category will include the keynotes.)
  • A report, discussion paper or photo-essay about your presentation or workshop, including the key information or processes that you presented (1,000–2,000 words + images ) 
  • High quality and edited audiovisual submissions of performance-based presentations, up to 45 minutes in duration
  • Written submissions can also include a link to audiovisual material

We are asking conference attendees to consider contributing to the following category:

  • Brief arts-based and/or written reflections about, or a review of, a workshop or presentation that you attended (250–750 words + images), and single photographs accompanied by permission, to be included in a section called something like 'The conference in brief: Gathering views and reviews'.

Submissions are due 8 February 2018.
This inaugural special edition will be published online in May 2018


Please note:

  • Submissions will be peer or editor reviewed depending on the category.
  • Submissions need to be able to 'stand' as journal content – i.e. they need to provide sufficient  context, information and style to engage and make sense to readers who were unable to attend the conference.
  • Consent forms will be provided at each workshop.
  • The editors may 'commission' reviews in advance of the keynote presentations and major workshops.

If you have any questions, please contact Vic at:

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  • Volume 13, Number 2, 2018

    Submission Deadline – 1 May

  • Julia Pasifull, Red moon

  • Nona Cameron, Matchbox moments

  • Marilyn Mooree, The emerging donkey and the reality principle

  • Simone Clare, Movement

  • Jan Newell, Resurrection quilt

  • Chen Ying Ying, Earthquake of soul

  • Mariana Torkington, Rebirth

  • Nanette Lela'ulu, Condemned

  • Michael Leunig, A Picture of Innocence

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