Frequently Asked Questions

Below are responses to those questions that are often asked by the public. For responses to those questions more specific to ANZATA members, please go to the FAQ when you log in to the 'My ANZATA' area.

How do I find an arts therapist in my area?
Please click here to go to our 'Find and Arts Therapist' directory, which is searchable by country, city/town, client type, reason for therapy and therapy approaches.
What is the difference between art and arts therapy?
Art therapists work with visual art media such as drawing, painting, and sculpture; whereas arts therapists work with several creative modalities such as movement, or drama, writing and visual art, depending on the needs of the client/s. In many countries there are specific professional bodies for those working therapeutically in each creative modality, however in anyone working in the creative therapies in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Asia/Pacific region is welcome to join ANZATA at the level of membership appropriate to their training. Please click here for more information about art and arts therapy.
How do I train as an art or arts therapist?
To reach professional level ANZATA membership, you need to do masters level training. Please click here for information about ANZATA-approved training courses.
Are there any ANZATA-approved online arts therapy degrees?
Due to the experiential nature of art and arts therapy training, most courses do not offer distance education, however there are some that have low residency courses. Please click here to see the websites of the institutions that offer ANZATA-approved courses for full information.
How do I join ANZATA?
Please click here for information about joining our association.
Why do I need apply to join as a Professional member?
The process of application for professional membership ensures that our professional level members have achieved the qualifications required which are equivalent to the highest international standards. Applications for professional membership are reviewed by our membership sub-committee, and must be accompanied by certified documentation. There are several pathways that are considered for professional membership, please click here here to see our 'Categories and Requirements' and click here to see the  application form to apply to be considered for professional level membership. Please note there is a $90 non-refundable application fee, so if you have any questions about whether your application is likely to be approved, please contact
I have a different masters degree. Can I apply to join?
ANZATA has several pathways to Professional membership available. Please click here to see the "Categories and Requirements'.
Can I call myself an arts therapist if not an ANZATA member?
Through our professional membership process, ANZATA works to maintain the highest standard of professionalism so that employers and clients can expect best practice standards from our Professional level members who use the post-nominal AThR. Our approved training courses include a minimum 750 hours of supervised clinical placement, in accordance with the highest international standards.
In Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, arts therapy is a self-regulating profession so there is no title protection. This means there is no restriction on who can call themselves an art or arts therapist, however only ANZATA Professional members can use the post nominal AThR, which ensures that they are trained to the highest level, and are obliged to the comply with the ANZATA code of ethics, complaints procedure, Continuing Professional Development requirements, and audit process.
What is the difference between Student and Trainee?
Students of ANZATA-approved art or arts therapy courses can join as 'student' members. Those who are in the final year of their training are called 'trainee' members and are granted one year free membership and are also exempt from the $90 application fee to apply for professional level membership on graduation. Please click here to go to 'Apply' and select the appropriate button to join as either a student or a trainee.
Can I get complementary or discounted membership?
Complementary 'trainee' membership is granted to those who are in their final year of training of an ANZATA-approved course. Please click here to select the 'trainee' joining form, or contact
Discounted membership is available for unemployed/ retired Professional members who can provide proof of receiving unemployment/ pension benefits. Please email with a certified copy of your unemployment/ health care/ pension card.
Can I get a half-year membership?
New applicants for Professional membership can pay a half year membership if applying after June.
Does the ANZATA membership fee cover insurance?
The ANZATA membership fee does not include indemnity insurance. However, the Association has negotiated discounted indemnity insurance for our Professional members. For recommended schemes please click here.
If my ANZATA membership has lapsed what should I do?
If your Professional membership has lapsed, you can re-join and pay your membership fee without re-applying for professional membership. If your membership has lapsed for more than 5 years, your membership details will have been archived, but can be retrieved. In either case, please contact
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