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Ink Brush Art Therapy, Canberra
Art Therapist

Job Description and Criteria
We are looking for a dynamic and capable clinician to facilitate and co-facilitate a range of Art Therapy programs in a studio based setting. This is a part time position with flexible hours and would be ideal for someone looking to work for 2 days per week with the possibility of more hours in the future. Suitable applicants require post graduate qualifications in Art Therapy, Professional Membership with ANZATA (or be eligible for this) and all that entails (clinical placement hours, ongoing professional development etc). Other essential criteria include a positive-can-do attitude, the ability to be part of a team & a professional/ person centred approach. This position requires a WWV and National Police check. New graduates are welcome to apply. Contact us for a position description.

Deadline Date: 28 February 2018

Contact: Bella Insch at

There are no postings of conferences for arts therapists in Australia listed at this time. Please check again soon.


Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy at IKON

IKON’s Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy can lead to some truly rewarding careers. Available in Sydney, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane. Enquire now to commence in June or discover more at our Complimentary Webinar on 3 May.

For more info: or CLICK HERE 

Embodied Imagination® Australian Training

Embodied Imagination® is a creative and therapeutic way of working with dreams, memories, physical symptoms and creative ideas. This three-year course offers comprehensive training in Embodied Imagination, developed by Robert Bosnak, Jungian analyst and practised for more than 30 years in eight countries of the world. It is practised individually and in groups in psychotherapy, medicine, theatre, art and creative research.
For more information:

Interactive Drawing Therapy
More than words… 
A page-based way of working with words, images and feelings to access different parts of the psyche. The page becomes a mirror for your client, helping them see themselves more objectively from new perspectives, and facilitating insight, inner resourcefulness, and profound change. A unique map of the stages of the therapeutic journey guides you through the tasks, challenges, risks and interventions of each stage, dramatically increasing your effectiveness and ability to work safely. 

Creative, Inspiring and Respectful
A client-centred process of disclosure and discovery in which you actively partner the client in the process of deepening their work, often through the development of visual metaphors. The counsellor does not interpret the client’s imagery. 

A practical and versatile modality that you can use across a wide range of situations, client groups and presenting problems and with other therapies. IDT can be used for self, individual, couple or group therapy, with all ages (including young children), with less verbally or conceptually fluent clients, cross culturally, and for short-term crisis to long-term developmental work. 

Well-established (and growing) with over 8,000 Australasian course registrations over the last 10 years, published in several peer reviewed journals, and presented at national and international conferences. 

Widely-used by a diverse range of helping professionals
Including counsellors and psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, doctors and nurses, occupational therapists, speech language therapists, guidance counsellors, teachers, youth workers, career practitioners, spiritual directors, staff from Aboriginal and Maori service agencies, alcohol and drug services, sexual abuse and refuge centres, immigrant services, hospices and stopping violence agencies. 

What people say about IDT
“It’s the best psychological tool I’ve found and I’ve been working in the social welfare industry for 30 years.” “We continue to be delighted, excited and amazed at the wide uses of IDT in the mental health setting.” “Creative and empowering for the client, enlightening for the therapist.” “… a universal therapy … engages with ease and safety.” 

To register or for more information visit
IDT – Powerful Tools for Counsellors and Therapists

Graduate Diploma of Dramatherapy

Are you looking to gain higher level skills to advance your career?

Gain new specialised skills in Dramatherapy and help others build strength & capacity to make changes in their life.

Dramatherapy is an active, experiential approach to facilitating psychological, emotional and social change and makes use of role play, voice work, myth, ritual and storytelling to provide the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals, solve problems or express feelings.

It can help increase clients’ self awareness and offer a creative way for an individual or group to explore and solve personal and social problems.

Qualification: Graduate Diploma of Dramatherapy (10572NAT)
Duration: 14 months, plus 220 hour field placement
Accreditation: Nationally Accredited with the AQTF.
Students will be required to attend 2 x 4 day intensives (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) and 4 online tutorials of 2 hour duration per module.

For more information, including the Entry Requirements, visit


Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy Certificate in Clay Field Therapy

The Clay Field is a flat wooden box that holds 10-15kg clay. A bowl of water is supplied. This simple setting offers a symbolic world for the hands to explore. This unique art therapy approach is widely used in Europe within the fields of disability and disadvantaged youth. It is also used within women's shelters to facilitate trauma and healing.

For further information please visit:


Expressive Therapy Clinic Art Therapy Introductory Course –
Introduction to Art Therapy

This is a Weekend Course (also delivered as an 8 week day or evening program at Tweed Heads NSW). This program covers the history and understanding of art therapy and how it can be used for people of all ages to assist in improving personal growth and insight, processing of traumatic experiences and resolving of inner conflicts. Case Studies and client’s images will be presented in art therapy sessions conducted in many varied client groups. An experiential component for all participants is included in each session. (No creative talent required). This course is suitable for Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Teachers, School Counsellors and anyone interested in Art Therapy.

Session 1: Where did Art Therapy come from? What is Art Therapy?
Session 2: Guided Imagery techniques
Session 3: Art Therapy with Children
Session 4: Art Therapy the Aged and Disability sector
Session 5: Group Work – Art Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Session 6: Group Work – Art Therapy and Positive Psychology
Session 7: 'The Revealing Image' and Family Dynamics
Session 8: Looking after yourself in the Work – Supervision

Facilitator: Megan Shiell (Grad Dip. ExTh. MA ATh. (AThr)DBT Therapist, Level 4 Counsellor)
When: Weekend courses are held every month.
Cost: $350 for weekend courses ($320 early bird rate due 1 month prior to workshops or $50 per weekly session)
Where: Expressive Therapy Clinic, Unit 7/133 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485 Ph: (07) 5536 5553 or 0417 084 846
For more info:
Look under 'PD Training Programs and Courses'
All Expressive Therapy Clinic programs are now listed for CPD/OPD Points with:


Workshops and Seminars

La Trobe University Art Therapy Masterclass
Yayoi Kusama

This masterclass brings together experts from La Trobe University’s Art Institute and Master of Art Therapy program to explore connections between Kusama’s life and practice and the practice of art making more generally. From the perspective of the arts and health, participants will gain a deeper understanding of Kusama’s work and the role of art in mental health, wellbeing and in therapy. Participants can attend individual lectures, or register for both days to attend workshops, exclusive exhibition access, lectures and an expert panel discussion. For over sixty years, Yayoi Kusama has worked obsessively on her paintings, drawings, sculptures, fashion, experimental films, installations, writing and ‘happenings’. Flower obsession 2016-17, is a new participatory artwork created by the eighty-eight year old artist especially for the NGV’s Triennial this summer.

There is no doubt that Kusama holds a significant place in the history of Abstraction, with her work influencing several generations of contemporary artists. However, there is also a great deal of interest in the psychology and biography of the artist.

When: 2 and 3 March
Where: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

CLICK HERE to download more information

Contact: Patricia Fenner, PhD Senior Lecturer and Co-ordinator Master of Art Therapy
Tel: +613 9479 1759  E:

Register now:

Gestalt Art Therapy Centre

Training Workshops and Therapy Sessions in Australia

Our Centre offers to develop art tools for therapists who wish to enhance their skills and practice across a range of clients. The Centre is proud of its strong experience in the field of Gestalt Therapy and its practice of awareness that has been the core method of ‘mindfulness’ learning for the last 30 years. We aim to provide our services and experiences in the field of Gestalt Art Therapy as well, to enable and support our participants in a nurturing environment with respect, compassion and humility.

The Gestalt Art Therapy Centre can be found at 2 Findlay st, Brisbane.
Visit our website –
Register now: Click here to register for workshops
More information:
Phone contact: 04 2151 4907

What’s happening in February-March 2018

1. Incorporating Mandalas in Therapy Sessions
10 February

Life is a circular process. Our unresolved conflicts are also the universe, we are constantly circling around our being and growing. In this one-day event, you will learn how to change the repetitive patterns that emerge in your life using/creating/ modifying mandalas in a symbolic way. Learn how to practice this skill to be used with your clients and/or for your own personal growth.

2. Sand Play Therapy – a Gestalt approach with symbolism
17 and 18 February

Play therapy is a form of counseling or psychotherapy that uses symbolic play to communicate with and help people, especially children, to prevent or resolve psychosocial challenges. This helps them to move towards better social integration, growth and development, emotional modulation, and trauma resolution.

3. Introduction to Gestalt Therapy
24 and 25 February

This workshop is designed to enable the participant to establish a basic Intervention model that clearly describes the process of therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. This requires the participant to become familiar with the ‘phases’ of this relationship. After demonstrating some degree of comfort in this structure, the participant will be able to begin to develop his or her own ‘style’ of interventions and creative practice. Gestalt therapy was developed from various influences upon the lives of its founders during the times in which they lived, including the new physics, Eastern religion, existential phenomenology, Gestalt psychology, psychoanalysis, experimental theatre, as well as systems theory and field theory.

4. Introduction iCAT® Short Course 2018
Starts 3 March

This Introduction course offers essential information how to use Art Tools in therapy sessions with a wide range of clients and situations. Three modules over three weekends.

5. Art Journals in Therapy Sessions
17 March

Discover this tool to be used in Art Therapy sessions. You will learn: How to create Art Journals; How to develop Mixed media techniques building Art Journals; Starting the process of using the Art Journal with clients; Selecting some creations at the Art journal to work in the therapy sessions; How to close the therapy session after an Art Journal work; To offer options to the client to continue working with the Art Journal at home until the next session.

6. Working with Children in Therapy Sessions
10 and 11 March

Any professional in the helping services who wants to work with children, must consider the child as a total system: the family, social, cultural and developmental factors influencing the child. In addition, we must pay attention to the small or subtle details that the adults may not notice or may not understand about the child’s symptoms that are clearly obvious to a professional. For example, the manner we communicate with a child is to notice the pace, rhythm and assimilation of the content, as well as the meaning attribution to the play experiments during the session. This is a way of developing trust and safety during the session by clarifying anything that is happening between the child and the adult therapist.

7. Incorporating The Tarot in Therapy sessions
24 March

Using the Tarot with a psychotherapeutic objective is novel and exciting. The reason being that the cards are associated with the Archetypes (Jung) therefore the work is directly relevant to the discovery of the unconscious material indicated in the symbolic images in the cards. We tend to project everything onto images before us. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and make decisions based on our selection of a specific card. In this workshop the participants will learn how to use Tarot cards as a technique to deepen their work with clients and find unconscious material in a Gestalt Art Therapy approach.

Expressive Therapy Clinic – Workshops and Training

Expressive Therapy Clinic in Tweed Heads offers the opportunity for participants interested in Mindfulness Meditation, Art Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Positive Psychology to attend courses, weekend workshops and specific trainings.

The training programs are especially helpful for Health Care Professionals, Teachers, School Counsellors, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Art therapists and people interested in gaining more skills to increase general wellness for themselves and for others they work with. Training in Art Psychotherapy in combination with learning the skills of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Positive Psychology.

Weekend Workshops Program Outline
• Saturday – Managing Emotions using DBT
Wise Mind and Mindfulness; Distress Tolerance and Self-Soothe; Emotional Regulation Strategies; Reality Acceptance skill.
• Sunday – Finding Wellness using Positive Psychology
Introduction to Positive Psychology; Savouring and remembering; Expressing Gratitude and Finding Meaning; Learning Optimism; Acting from your strengths; Conclusion; Questions and observations.

Facilitator: Megan Shiell Grad Dip Ex.Th, M.A AThr – Dialectical Behaviour Therapist
When: Monthly
Where: Expressive Therapy Clinic – Unit 7/133 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads (07) 5536 5553 or 0417 084 846
Cost: $350 (early-bird rate of $320 if paid one month in advance)
For more information:
Email: or go to 
Look under “ PD and Training Opportunities and PD New Training Programs

All Expressive Therapy Clinic programs are now listed for CPD/OPD Points with:

Expressive Therapy Clinic, Coolangatta 

Art Therapy and Creativity with varying Models of Treatment for different Client Groups

Two weekend workshops will be held in 2018, following a very successful fully booked weekend workshops in 2017. We look at how art therapy works, its history and how to use creativity with children, adolescents, the aged. We look at how to use creativity alongside Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology and Compassion Focused Therapy. Seven art exercises in total with a great variety of materials. Lots of learning and lots of fun.

1. Art Therapy and creativity with varying models of treatment for different client groups-Weekend Workshop Saturday 19 Sunday 20 May 2018

2. Art Therapy and creativity with varying models of treatment for different client groups-Weekend Workshop Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November 2018

Contact: Megan Shiell –

Study and Support Groups

Art Therapy Peer Group

Art Therapy Peer Group is a grassroots gathering of practising and studying Arts Therapists. We share insight from diverse backgrounds, methodologies, and practice environments. We come together for professional growth, networking, and to refresh energies. Members alternate facilitation on subjects we love. $5 donation.

When: Monday Evening, 7pm-9pm.
2018 dates TBA

Location: 22 Burwood Hwy, Burwood, VIC
(Enter shopfront near the corner of Warrigal Rd and Burwood Hwy)

Sandra Schilling:
Sue Guzick: 0439413858,
Caroline Williams, 0407275327
Please RSVP to help the facilitator prepare for you.


CLICK HERE to go to the Campaign webpage

About the Campaign
UnitingCare Australia, which represents one of Australia’s largest Not-For-Profit providers of aged care, is seeking your support in halting the Federal Government’s funding cuts to aged care which will reduce the level of care available to frail older people, put more pressure on the public health system and threaten jobs in the aged care sector.

In December 2015 and the 2016-17 Budget, the Federal Government announced funding changes that will remove $2 billion from the Complex Health Care element of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI). This will significantly reduce the funds available for services such as wound and skin care, arthritis treatment, mobility support and end-of-life care for frail older people with conditions such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease, arthritis and bone fractures. This care is mostly delivered by registered nurses, general practitioners and a range of allied health professionals.

UnitingCare Australia, together with Aged and Community Services Association and Catholic Health Australia, commissioned Ansell Strategic to conduct independent modelling of the impact of the funding cuts. The modelling, covering more than 500 aged care providers, showed that the cuts will reduce the funding to meet the care needs of older people by an average of 11 per cent or $6,655 per resident per year.

The cuts will be far greater for residents with very high care needs, significantly reducing the level of services and thus their quality of life. As the cuts are phased in for new residents and for those whose needs are reassessed, we believe they will introduce an unacceptable level of inequity within aged care services, with residents with similar health care needs receiving vastly different levels of service.

In responding to the modelling tool, many service providers indicated the cuts would force them to consider reducing staffing numbers or reviewing admission policies for consumers with high needs.

Clearly funding cuts of this magnitude will have a significant flow-on impact on the broader health care system and most particularly on already stretched public hospitals. In particular, we believe the cuts may result in frail older people remaining in hospital longer than medically necessary as the availability of suitable aged care places is reduced and that end-of-life care may be limited to hospitals and hospices.

We are also deeply concerned at the potentially negative impact on the aged care workforce, particularly in the face of growing demand for care.

Exhibitions and Events

Art of Process

An Exhibition and Catalogue. 
Raising awareness of Art Therapy through creative works and reflections
13 February to 9 March 2018

This exhibition at Space 2b features artworks by arts therapists exploring the creative process. It brings to light the value of process, in early sketch stages or in finished objects. 
Space 2b is a social enterprise supporting newly arrived migrants refugees and people seeking asylum –

Opening Celebration
When: 16 February 2018, 7pm-9pm
Where: Space2b Shop & Artspace, 144 Chapel Street, St. Kilda, Melbourne
RSVP: Click here
Nibbles provided, Bubbles by donation, Listenings – Rubies A’ cappella Choir, Talk with the artists about their diverse arts processes and art therapy practices.

Space for Hire

Art Therapy Consulting Room

406 Humffray St South, Golden Point (Ballarat) VIC 3350

Art materials, sand tray and symbols available to use. Suitable for working with small family groups, couples or individuals. Price and availability on request.

Contact: Monica Finch –

Art Making Studio

Sydenham Rd, Marrickville

Large space to share with two other art therapists (possible use of clinical space with negotiation). Kitchen and bathroom facilities. Light streams in on 3 sides, 2nd floor.

$150pw + bond
Available From: 6 March 2017
Contact: Julia Sideris –

Infinity Health & Wellbeing Practitioner/user Packages

Working together to create a space of healing for ALL!

Casual Rates
This package is suited to a practitioner or teacher who is looking to rent casually. Hourly, half day & full day options available. Includes listing on the practitioner directory on our website.

Min. 3 Month Investment
With up to 10hrs Avail/week
As schedule allows limited spaces available.  Bookings essential
This package suits those starting out or looking to expand from a home based or small business and are looking for a more professional front without the massive overheads. Includes: mini bio & profile on our  website & facebook, direct booking link to your email & inclusion in directory list on monthly newsletter.

Min. 6 Month Investment
With up to 10hrs Avail/week
As schedule allows – booking essential
This package is great value! Offering you a min. 10hrs at the centre. As schedule allows limited spaces available.  Bookings essential – Conditions Apply. Includes: A full page of services & bio on our website & facebook, direct booking link to your email through website, inclusion in Monthly Newsletter with own ad/bio, inclusion on class timetable (if applicable), priority scheduling.

For any questions or to book a tour, call Naomi today on: +61 405 570 017,

ANZATA is relaunching the Volunteers' Noticeboard. If you would like to volunteer please click here. Or if you would like offer opportunities for volunteers please click here to go to the Volunteer online forms.

Volunteers Needed

Able Australia, Melbourne

At Able Australia, we believe in an inclusive community for people of all abilities. We specialise in the delivery of high quality, person-centred services to people living with multiple disabilities (including deafblindness) and those in need of community support.

The creative arts therapy program is looking for potential volunteers to assist with art groups for people who have multiple disabilities (located in the inner North and East suburbs) and to help out with the Able Art Exhibition held in December (held at Federation Square). This is an excellent opportunity for individuals with an interest in art therapy and complex disability.

Needed from: 18 August 2017
Contact: Emily Walters –


Maria Adamou
Location: Sydney
About Maria
Would like to learn more about art therapy for children and adults with disabilities, please let me know if there are any groups or individual therapy programs that I can provide my services. I am a qualified Counsellor/ Social Worker and would enjoy the opportunity to learn more and support with your programs. I am interested in art therapy and before I enrol for a course would like to do some volunteer work.
Available: 8 January 2018 to 31 January 2019

Name: Karen Coltman
Location: Melbourne
About Karen
I have been a visual art teacher at a special developmental school for students with moderate to severe physical and intellectual issues ranging from 3 to 18 years of age. I have recently completed a graduate diploma in art therapy and will be commencing a cert IV in assessment and training soon. I believe in inclusiveness and that regardless of abilities, everyone deserves the right to participate and create. I also believe in celebrating creativity and have always championed my students work in a variety of local and statewide exhibitions.
Available: until November 2018

Anna Caroline Costello
Location: Melbourne
About Anna
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Art Psychotherapy at Ikon Institute of Australia. I am very passionate about art therapy and would really enjoy volunteering to expand my knowledge in the area of Art psychotherapy. I genuinely love helping people and would like to make a positive difference to an individuals or groups quality of life.

Available: 15 January 2018 to 22 December 2018

Name: Linda Davidson

About Linda:
I am a clinical and counselling psychologist working in private practice and registered with AHPRA. I am interested in finding out more about art therapy before potentially enrolling in a training programme. Other than an interest in art/arts I have no formal training.
Available: October 2015 onwards.

Name: Milagros Dotras
Location: Sydney, Australia
About Milagros:
I am a Psychologist and I am currently studying Art Therapy at CETAC with Rob Gray. I am working at an Early Learning Centre in Sydney and I have been working with children for the past six years. I can provide WWCC and an updated police check. Please email me with any volunteer opportunities that may come up in Sydney area.
Available: 4 July 2016 onwards

Contact: Brianna Hudson
Location: Melbourne
About Brianna
I am a practicing visual artist and soon to be Master of Arts Therapy student. I’ve worked as carer for the Department of Health and Human services with at risk children and youth and have my approved working with children check from working in education. Looking for any kind of arts therapy volunteer work.
Available until: 17 September 2020

Name: Antje Meyer
Location: Brisbane
About Antje:
I am a fully qualified Art Therapist from Europe with a background in Mental Health Nursing. I recently became a member of ANZATA and I am very keen on getting some insides about how Art Therapy is used in Australia. I am looking for a placement/ voluntary work to exchange expertise. I predominantly worked with groups of adults in a center for mental rehabilitation who were suffering from depression, anxiety, burn-out and bereavement. The treatment was based on behavioral therapy. I am looking for therapists who work with Arts Therapies or include creative techniques in their work. I have a special interest in focusing therapy. If you are interested in international exchange or need support in your practice, please message me. I am based in the greater Brisbane area.
Available From: 10 November 2015

Name: Melissa Nielsen
Location: Hampton East
About Melissa:
I am currently seeking placement within an existing art therapy program in order to complete my course. I am interested with working with the elderly or across the diverse needs of the community. I am required to complete 30 hours observational - this means I can assist the facilitator with setting up, packing up and being extra hands and helping when and where required during the sessions. Where possible I am also requiring 70 hours placement which means I am able to help the facilitator run group sessions, or run separate group sessions or hold individual one on one sessions.
Available From: 13 August to 31 October 2017

Name: Shu Yin Chan
Location: Singapore
About Shu Yin
I am looking to volunteer in any Art Therapy related activities. I have taught polymer clay classes to kids part-time and love creating Art in my free time. My current day job is in an administrative function in the disabilities field, and I previously worked as a visual effects artist on films. I hope to study to become an Art Therapist in the near future, and look forward to any exposure in the field of Art Therapy.
Available: After office hours on weekdays (7pm onwards) and weekends

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