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Employment Opportunities

Hearts and Minds (formerly Raeburn House), Auckland
Group work – Art Therapy

Hearts and MInds has been offering an art therapy group on the North Shore for several years. We are now expanding to Henderson and seek an experienced and registered art therapist to take our group in Term 2.

Deadline: 28 February 2018
Contact: Julie Walker –
Please see our current brochure for information on the group at

There are no current postings for arts therapy or related conferences in New Zealand at the moment. Please check again soon as information is posted regularly.


Creative and Action-based Supervision Skills

Victoria University of Wellington, Continuing Education, Course to be held in Auckland

This workshop is aimed at therapists engaged in delivering supervision, including music and arts therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists and others with an interest in using creative and action-based methods. Enhance your current supervisory practice through the exploration of creative and music therapy specific techniques. Look at ways to use improvisation and role-play in supervision, and gain confidence in moving from words to action in the supervisory space.

Continuing Education, Victoria University of Wellington, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140
Phone +644 463 6556
Click here for the website


Interactive Drawing Therapy

More than words… 
A page-based way of working with words, images and feelings to access different parts of the psyche. The page becomes a mirror for your client, helping them see themselves more objectively from new perspectives, and facilitating insight, inner resourcefulness, and profound change. A unique map of the stages of the therapeutic journey guides you through the tasks, challenges, risks and interventions of each stage, dramatically increasing your effectiveness and ability to work safely. 

Creative, Inspiring and Respectful
A client-centred process of disclosure and discovery in which you actively partner the client in the process of deepening their work, often through the development of visual metaphors. The counsellor does not interpret the client’s imagery. 

A practical and versatile modality that you can use across a wide range of situations, client groups and presenting problems and with other therapies. IDT can be used for self, individual, couple or group therapy, with all ages (including young children), with less verbally or conceptually fluent clients, cross culturally, and for short-term crisis to long-term developmental work. 

Well-established (and growing) with over 8,000 Australasian course registrations over the last 10 years, published in several peer reviewed journals, and presented at national and international conferences. 

Widely-used by a diverse range of helping professionals
Including counsellors and psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, doctors and nurses, occupational therapists, speech language therapists, guidance counsellors, teachers, youth workers, career practitioners, spiritual directors, staff from Aboriginal and Maori service agencies, alcohol and drug services, sexual abuse and refuge centres, immigrant services, hospices and stopping violence agencies. 

What people say about IDT
“It’s the best psychological tool I’ve found and I’ve been working in the social welfare industry for 30 years.” “We continue to be delighted, excited and amazed at the wide uses of IDT in the mental health setting.” “Creative and empowering for the client, enlightening for the therapist.” “… a universal therapy … engages with ease and safety.” 

To register or for more information visit
IDT – Powerful Tools for Counsellors and Therapists

Training in Sandtray and Sandplay Therapy with Sandplay Aotearoa

For the past nine years Jean Parkinson has offered four-level basic sandplay training in Auckland. These experiential workshops, differentiating Sandtray from Sandplay Therapy, are intended to promote awareness of the modality as a serious psychotherapy with strong psychological and developmental frameworks. They are not intended to take the place of training offered by ISST accredited teachers. Their value is in raising awareness, promoting professional reflection and interest in the responsible practice of Sandtray and Sandplay in Aotearoa. (Please note these are neither NZQA nor ISST)

For more info and dates for courses:

Workshops and Seminars

Sandplay Aotearoa is hosting workshops in Auckland and Hamilton

Dr Alexander Esterhuyzen in Hamilton

MASTERCLASS – Sat 17 and Sun 18 February 2018
  The Observing Ego – a camera into the soul
For more information: Carina Conradie –

Jill Kaplan in Auckland

Fri 2 March, 10-1pm
Event TWO: WORKSHOP – Fri 2 March, 5-9pm
  Mandala in Art and Sand: Jungian and cross-cultural perspectives
Event THREE: MASTERCLASS – Sat, 3 March, 10am-5pm
  Mandala: Healing symbols in Sandplay and Art
For more information:

To book, please go to

Authentic Movement Australasia

9 Kotare Street, Westmere, Auckland
Authentic Movement Practice

A simple but powerful creative process of inner listening, art making, witnessing and dialogue, in a safely structured group. A creative, threapeutic, relational and restorative process for personal growth and healing and self care. Beginners are welcome. You will be safely guided, starting with a structured warm up, then a dive, into the inner unfolding.

In this process you can:
• Teach your brain to step back, observe and trust your body's innate movements
• Experience your body's profound wisdom in movement
• Witness and explore your inner dialogue, for insight and change
• Explore a combination of stillness and motion, for deep satisfaction and integration
• Co-create a sacred group space of respect, interconnectedness and safety
• Feel supported and held in compassionate witnessing
• Experience a transformative field of group consciousness
These small friendly gatherings in a warm, accessible, venue.

Research shows Authentic Movement Practice directly develops:
• Embodied presence
• Kinesthetic awareness
• Mindfulness
• Insight
• Compassion and empathy
• Interpersonal skills
• The creative, artistic impulse
• A sense of being nourished and replenished
• Emotional and spiritual growth

Fortnightly Friday 7-9 pm (2018 dates TBA)
Monthly Saturdays 1-4pm (2018 dates TBA)
Cost: $25 cash at event
(or transfer $20 paid prior to event into bank account – 03 00525583 00).
Name as reference.

Held by Anne Hurst, AThR, MAAT, DTAA
Contact Anne:
027 209 5516

Exhibitions and Events
There are no current postings for arts therapy or related exhibitions and events in New Zealand at the moment. Please check again soon as information is posted regularly.

Space for Hire

Expressive Arts Therapy Room
Mt Eden, Auckland

This arts therapy room is in my home in central Auckland, near to St Lukes and the motorway. There is plenty of street parking and a driveway that can be used. Currently it is available every Tuesday for a full day. The room has lovely bare floor boards with a big colourful rug. The french doors open out onto a covered deck area which can also be used. There is a huge array of art therapy materials available including a sand tray with symbols and drama/movement props if required. The room looks very professional and would do well with one or two clients or a small group if doing visual art around a table.

Available from: 6 September 2016
Contact: Angie Richardson –

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Simona Capuano
About Simona:
I'm a dance/movement therapist, language teacher, translator, international cooperation and intercultural projects operator. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, English and a little bit of Japanese and French.  I'm mother of 3 small toddlers. I'd like to join art therapies projects in NZ to experience life with my family in your country.
7 June 2017 to 7 June 2020

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