Our Mission

ANZATA recognises the potential of all art forms to enrich and enhance our lives. Our mission is to attend to ethical standards of training and of professional practice, and to advocate for the profession of arts therapy in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as well as in the wider Asia/Pacific region. 

What is ANZATA

The Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association (ANZATA) is the professional body that represents arts therapists in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It is a member-run self-regulating organisation that seeks to advocate for the profession and to ensure that the training and practice of professional members are in accordance with the highest international standards. It encourages continuing professional development of members by supporting regional groups, hosting regular conferences and symposia, and publishing an annual peer reviewed journal: the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Arts Therapy (ANZJAT). Arts therapy is still an emerging profession in our member countries, and the association strives to raise its profile, advocating and lobbying for increasing recognition, as well as forging connections and links with other disciplines, and other countries. Aims and Objectives of ANZATA

The promote the therapeutic use of the arts for the improvement of human well-being.

The maintain the criteria for training arts therapists in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to international standards.

To promote the standards of practice and ethical responsibility in arts therapy and to ensure these are maintained.

To offer support to arts therapy professionals and others interested in this field, by providing information on research, employment, standards, education and publications as well as resources for advocacy and promotion of the profession.

To provide continuing professional development opportunities for those engaged in arts therapy through the means of conferences, symposia and workshops and the support of regional groups.

To uphold an audit procedure of continuing professional development to ensure that members are competent and fit to practise.

To encourage research in arts therapy.

To provide information about arts therapy services, practices and training opportunities to the public and other mental health professionals.

To encourage the development of new regional groups and support their ongoing activities.

To publish a newsletter four times a year.

To publish a peer-reviewed professional journal, ANZJAT (The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Arts Therapy), annually.

To hold a conference every two years and a symposium at least every other year.

To hold an AGM annually.

The History of ANZATA

1987  The Australian National Art Therapy Association Inc. (ANATA) was founded as a non-profit organisation.

1990s onwards  Programmes at postgraduate level in art therapy, drama therapy and arts therapy have been developed in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

2006  ANATA became ANZATA (Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association), affiliating with New Zealand.

2006  ANZJAT (The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy) first published.

2007  The Australian government wage award was granted to the profession, and the profession was included in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

2009  ANZATA professional membership was opened to graduates of LASALLE College in Singapore.

2011  An ‘s’ was added to ‘art’ in ANZATA’s and ANZJAT’s title to reflect the many creative modalities that members utilise.2015  ANZATA professional membership was opened to graduates of University of Hong Kong.2016  ANZATA became an Affiliated Organisation of PACFA